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2020 Ford F-150 Price and Build Ranges

Ford still claims to be America’s number 1 selling truck and it’s hard to argue with the new 2020 F-150 truck models.

The truck continues to be at the top of the best-in-class reviews each year and offers numerous trim, technology, safety and comfort features that make them great to own.

The 2020 Ford F-150 price ranges by build are shown below.

  • 2020 XL MSRP Starts at $28,495
  • 2020 XLT MSRP Starts at $35,510
  • 2020 Lariat MSRP Starts at $42,500
  • 2020 King Ranch MSRP Starts at $52,740
  • 2020 Raptor MSRP Starts at $53,205
  • 2020 Platinum MSRP Starts at $55,270
  • 2020 Limited MSRP Starts at $67,485

There is a trim option for any budget and all trim levels offer great standard features.

The 2020 models boast military strength frames, best-in-class payload and new eco engine models packing some serious power.

In addition, they now offer some exciting new technology options including a pro trailer backup assist and the new Ford Co-Pilot 360 designed to help you navigate crowded highways and roads with confidence.

Overall, another strong year for the 2020 Ford F-150 trucks!