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How Much Is a Tesla SUV?

There is no hotter car maker out there right now than Tesla. And for good reason.

The Tesla SUVs and cars look amazing, they’re blazingly fast and are some of the safest cars on the road. Oh, and they don’t require any gas! Just plug a Tesla in at home or an electric car charging station and you’re good to go.

While Telsas can be pricey, they have some models that are more affordable than most people think. In this article we’ll specifically look at the popular question “how much is a Tesla SUV?” As you’ll see, there’s the super expensive option and the one that might have you thinking about heading down to your local Tesla dealer.

How Much Is a Tesla SUV?

There are actually two different models of SUVs that Tesla makes. The Model X and the Model Y.

Tesla Model X Pricing

The Model X is their luxury high-end SUV. It comes in 2 trims. The base model Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive. And the higher-end Tri Motor All-Wheel Drive, also known as the Model X Plaid.

The base price of the base Model X is $104,990.

The base price of the Model X Plaid is $119,990.

What do you get for the extra $15,000 if you get the Plaid? An SUV that can pretty much blow the doors off any other car on the road! The Model X Plaid can go from 0 – 60mph in just 2.5 seconds and has a top speed of 163mph.

The base Model X “only” goes from 0 – 60 in 3.8 seconds with a top speed of 155mph. Though it does have a range of 329 miles compared to 310 miles for the Plaid.

There are upgrades for both models than can increase the price. The biggest upgrade being Full Self-Driving Capability which costs an additional $10,000.

Other upgrades include paint colors other than the standard white, bigger wheels, a white or cream interior (other than the standard black) and additional seating layouts (5 is standard, but you can upgrade to 6 or 7).

So is $100,000 a bit out of your price range for a car? Yeah, mine too. In that case, maybe the Model Y is a better option.

Tesla Model Y Pricing

There are also two trims for the Tesla Model Y. The Long Range and the Performance models. Both offer dual motors and all-wheel drive.

The Long Range has a base price of $57,990.

The Performance has a base price of $62,990.

They offer similar upgrades as the Model X including Full Self-Driving, paint upgrades, interior upgrades and either a 5 or 7 seat configuration.

The Long Range has a range of 318 miles and a very respectable 0 – 60mph time of 4.8 seconds. The performance model has a range of 303 miles and 0 – 60 time of 3.5 seconds.

How You Can Save On The Cost of Your Tesla SUV Cost

Some states (like California) have tax rebates for those who buy electric cars. So check your state to see what incentives might be available.

There used to also be a $7,500 federal tax rebate for those who buy electric cars as well. However, Tesla buyers are no longer eligible for that credit because Tesla has sold too many cars. (There is a limit on how many electric cars a car manufacturer can sell and still qualify for the credit. Once they hit that limit, the tax credit fades away.)  

But things may be about to change. A new bill in Congress would let Tesla and Chevrolet (the only other manufacturer that’s hit the limit) get access to these credits again. If they do, you may be able to knock $7,000 or $7,500 off the prices above.

Also, when you drive a Tesla, you save money in other ways. First is on gas. Because you won’t be buying any to power your Tesla. And you’ll end up paying less for electricity to power your car than you would if you had to buy gas. Especially if you have free charging stations in your area.

The other way you’ll likely save is on regular maintenance. With Telsas you have no oil changes and there are no engine parts that need replacing, lubricating, etc.

You’ll want to rotate your tires every now and then. Replace the cabin air filter every 2 or 3 years. And having your brakes and brake fluid checked every couple of year. But you probably won’t ever need to replace brake pads. This is because Teslas use their motors to aid in braking so there is not nearly as much wear and tear on the brake pads as there is with a regular car.

Bottom Line

When you add up the savings, the cost of a Tesla is actually quite competitive to similar car models. If you look at what other luxury brands price their SUV at, the Tesla pricing looks pretty darn appealing!